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2300 Scout

December 11, 2019

We are designing a Center Console design Farallon called the Scout. Can be made a 23,26 and 28 ! Stay tuned for pictures and updates. It will be at the boat shows in 2020! 

3200 Walkaround

January 01, 2020

The much anticipated 3200 Walkaround. The same great Walkaround space of our 2800 Walkaround with the extended cabin and the deck space of 3200. Seating inside will be able to seat seven comfortably with bench seating and captains chair. Or change the seating layout to better suit your needs. 

This is an exciting time for us and will be an amazing boats for charters or people that want maximum fishing space.  Power with an inboard diesel, I/O, or single or twin outboards. 

Production has begun on the first build and pictures will follow. 

Be apart of the next big thing and order yours today!

Bait Tank!

January 01, 2020

Our new twin 65 gallon tank with a "recessed bait well." The bait well is used to hold the bait that has already been scooped out of the tank. The net can cause damage to the bait every time they are scooped and this tank allows for less scooping out of the primary tank. Water is till allowed into the middle through holes to ensure constant fresh water.  When we are not fishing with bait, we use the tank for a variety of functions. We keep crab in it during our crab trips; thereby keeping them fresh with the recirculating sea water. If we are cruising or whale watching it might hold ice and beverages in one side and trash in the other side. 


Farallon Boats bait tank is made at our factory and is available for purchase. 

They are easy to install and every boat deck should have one!


Call 916-333-5070 to purchase.

New Product!

January 01, 2020

Farallon Hoo-Rags are a great way to stay cool and protected from UV Rays while out fishing. If you're like most of us, the last thing you want to do while fishing or outdoors is apply sunscreen. These not only keep your face and neck protected but moisten them down and will keep you cool all day long. Fisherman and outdoor enthusiast have been rocking Hoo-Rags for quite sometime and now you can get your custom Farallon one today for only 17.95 plus shipping!  Payment is accepted through paypal and will be mailed via USPS.  Email us today at 

Not sure how to wear a Hoo-Rag? Click the link below to see how to wear your Custom Farallon Hoo-Rag. 

Farallon Vintage Hat

We have available our classic Farallon Hat! You may email us and purchase one so you can sport the great Farallon Hat! If you have a large social media following within the fishing community, you may qualify for a free Hat. 

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