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New things for Farallon Boats!

It’s a very exciting time for all of us at Farallon Boats as we’re getting the plans drawn up for our new factory. Having the site and laying out the factory design has started to create a lot of buzz and excitement throughout the office. Our excellent lamination crew, Felipe and Lupe, brought some extremely important insight to how the new facilities should be designed. Previously coming from a small lamination bay, they immediately said more room! With a bigger bay, there is room to spray one mold and, while it cures, spray another. It will double our production rate, from the result of a more efficient process, resulting in quicker delivery time. The larger bay also provides extra storage room for most of our molds. The intense California sun is not great as it causes the molds to deteriorate and crack. Keeping them out of the sun is number one priority to remain consistent time and time again.

With our bigger building we are going to be capable of taking on more boat servicing. Servicing your boat should be high on your list of priorities to keep it running smoothly with a long life, and we want to help make that easy for you. Most of our employees are from the region around the Sacramento and American Rivers and we feel that proper boat maintenance should be easily accessible and non-discriminatory. To help make it easier to take care of your boat, we will start offering service on other boats in the Sacramento region thanks to our highly skilled and trained mechanics. Farallons are still going to be considered a number one priority so you can be assured that the new services being provided will not affect the standard of service that Farallon owners have received in the past.

Our new lot will be located down the street from our old factory and we are extremely excited to break ground once the plans are approved. We are going to have plenty of yard space so we have also decided to offer boat storage. Normally, right around the first of the year, a lot of people begin taking their boats out of their slips for winter tune-ups, and we feel that our yard would be a secure spot to store your Farallon or other boats during that time. You will be able to schedule a service while it’s in our storage yard, we will perform any tune ups that are needed, and, within in a reasonable distance, we will deliver your boat back to you or your slip for an extremely hassle free experience.

Currently in production is a 2800 Walkaround which is shown above. Yesterday, the cabin got joined with the hull. It took a team effort as our shop employees worked together to make sure both pieces joined perfectly as, with a built from scratch boat, everything is custom and some fittings and adjustments are always needed. After a wonderfully executed effort by them, it was a great sight to see the two parts come together to make a great looking Farallon. After the pieces were joined, the Volvo 330 hp diesel (below) was prepped and lowered into its home bringing it one step closer to delivery and being on the water.

I would also like to remind everyone that we do have two brand new Farallons that have been built and are available to anyone interested to come and pick a power option and any additional add-ons. This is an awesome opportunity to get a Farallon how you want it in record time. We strive for our customer's satisfaction and when we build fully custom boats, we want everything else to be just as custom so it truly feels like your boat. Check the "For Sale" section of our website for which styles of boat are available as well as their pricing.

That is it for this bi-monthly blog. I will be back again in two weeks for more updates and news on Farallon Boats. If you’d like more information on our boats, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading!

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