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Farallon Fishing Team

With the opener of Salmon season on April 1st and bottom fish also opening for portions of California, the Farallon Fishing Team is wasting no time getting out there. A few people out there on the social media asked who is on the team? Well technically anyone who owns a Farallon is, but the main members began in Hawaii during a fishing tournament in which Joe , Renee, and Jim Carter along with some others competed to catch the largest Tuna on a 28 ft Walkaround with the fighting chair mounted on the flush deck. They were competing against hundreds of other boats out of Kona, HI for their chance at the grand prize of $150,000 dollars. Once there is a hook up, the captain calls it in and gives the boats location. Then, a helicopter would fly over and film, to make sure no rules are broken and to film the awesome fight. The rules were quite strict, as once someone touches the pole, they have to reel in that fish. There was no handing the pole to the person in the fighting chair or switching off mid fight. Farallon Fishing Team was labeled down the side of the boat so everyone knew who was out there and who they were competing against. Once the fish was reeled up it would be measured head to tail and girth and then a picture is taken with the disposable camera including the tag number, the fish was then released to keep the population growing. The camera was given to the judges at the end to verify. The Farallon team competed multiple years and it was a ton of fun being able to fish all day in the beautiful Hawaiian waters. The best part of the tournament was at the end of the two day tournament, the Farallon was able to go back to the dock and bypass all the large sportfishing boats waiting for their spot at the fuel dock.

Back to California, salmon season is only open for April 1st though the 30th, so make sure to get out there and try it while it lasts. California is deciding on a few other options and they may give some more Salmon fishing; but, because of the past years drought, that may be tough. The bag limit is 2 and they have to 24 inches minimum.

Rockfish, however is a whole new ball game and with areas that have been off limits now being allowed to fish, who knows what we will find. Starting April 15th you are now able to fish up to 240 ft ( 40 fathom) which is 60 ft deeper than the past. April 1st though the 15th we can fish the 50 fathom mark as long as you are below pigeon point. This is all based out of Half Moon Bay so those that fish out of the bay, may have a longer haul south. Bottom fish are always the sought out ones on the way back in empty handed. If the salmon are not biting we head in and catch some rockfish. They are a fun fish to catch, and they make for some good fish and chips back home.

We would love to see pictures of you fishing on your Farallon so send us your pictures to, and we will feature them on our website or Facebook page. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep abreast on what Farallon is doing as well, as to follow the Farallon Fishing Team on its adventures.

Get out there and do what you love; fish! If you are looking for a new boat, give us a call or email us as we would love to get you out on the water!

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